Canonbury Healthcare launch SafeTPen™


Over the past few years we have seen rising costs in bottled Phenol and associated Phenol products. As a result of many discussions with colleagues including that of the EC board at the IOCP, and with fellow colleagues via our Phenol webinar (Phenol; Use, supply & alternatives) we began researching the product and potential alternative products and chemical applications (Phenol, Podiatry Review, 2021) At the time of our research we received notification about the National Safety Patient Alert (PSA – Liquefied Phenol)

The IOCP has a Medicines and Procedures Panel (MaPP) in place for this exact purpose. Led by Chair of Medicines Gaynor Wooldridge. MaPP quickly changed focus to source alternative treatments and products for use in Podiatry. This research led us to discussions with Canonbury about a new potential product they had sourced. We were delighted to be invited by Canonbury to offer clinical review of the product. Canonbury have today launched that product; SafeTPen™

Gaynor Wooldridge, Chair of the medicines and procedures panel (MaPP) for the IOCP writes:

“There were a number of possible safe alternatives already available for chemical matrixectomy, including some well-known brands, Sodium Hydroxide or Trichloroacetic Acid.

As Chair of the Medicines and Procedures Panel (MaPP) for the IOCP, I led a team to immediately begin researching safe phenol alternatives for members and, in August 2021, we had discussions with a US provider of single-use phials. Four members trialled the new product, but we quickly decided that it was very similar to another product already available in its handling and application.

In September 2021, we began talks with Canonbury about what seemed like an exciting potential new product development, and we entered into discussions on what we, as Podiatrists, actually needed from a single-use phenol. That was incredibly easy. We all know, in our profession, what the disadvantages of the current products are:

  1. The ability to access the phenol easily and safely
  2. Seeing the product we’re actually using
  3. Not running short of the phenol during nail surgery
  4. Safely being able to apply the product with an applicator that is too large

The prototype was available at the end of November 2021, and handling it was a ‘wow’ moment. It felt so easy, safe and comfortable, and came with an applicator tip that truly suited its purpose. Yes, this was exciting!

So, here we are today with the launch of this amazing new product, that I absolutely believe will be a game-changer for the world of podiatry.

A huge thanks to Canonbury, we are proud to have been part of this innovative new product that we now know as SafeTPen™.”

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Members of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists can access our nail surgery protocols (written by W J Liggins) for Phenol BP via the members area of our website.

A national patient safety alert has been issued for the use of Liquefied Phenol 80%.

Please click the below image to read the full alert.