IOCP welcome Chief Executive Officer

Martin Harvey FPodM IP PGC BSc, Chair Board of Directors IOCP:

“I am delighted to welcome Anthony Hubbard to the Institute’s Senior Management Team from 1st January 2022 in a brand new and most exciting role for the Institute as Chief Executive Officer. His simple remit is to continue to drive forward our ongoing development and long-term growth as the fully democratic UK professional podiatry and foot health body that is run by members for members. You will probably already know Anthony as a co-opted external expert to the Institute’s Board of Directors, and over the last months he has brought to our deliberations a welcome fund of knowledge and widespread experience in the healthcare world. His past senior roles include Managing Director of the nationally known medical and scientific supplies company Schuco International, and his present role is as a Senior Technical Executive in Croda Pharmaceuticals (a UK chemicals/pharmaceutical company with a current revenue of £1.39 Billion) from which he moves on to take over his new role with IOCP. As well as being a strong business professional he is a Scientist with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry from Trent Polytechnic, a Chartered Scientist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Anthony will be reporting to the Board via myself and working with Jill as Company Secretary and her admin team of Julie, our Membership Officer, Sam, our Education Officer and Kirsty, our Marketing Specialist, with all of whom he has already established an excellent professional relationship during his time as a Board Advisor. I know that I speak for the Board in that they, and myself, are looking forward immensely to working with Anthony, and our already established team members, in this exciting new development stage of our more than 70 years of service to the feet of the nation and the dedicated professionals; you, our members, who work so hard to maintain and improve it.”


Anthony Hubbard CSci CChem FRSC:
“At a time when NHS services are becoming increasingly more difficult to access, certainly in a timely manner, we have a great opportunity in front of us to promote our services directly to the general public and also to work to train and develop people involved in all levels of foot and lower limb health, from entry level foot health practitioners all the way through to supporting podiatric surgeons in their ongoing continual professional development in delivering their services and supporting them in their own business growth. To do this, we need to review our ways of working, create a strategy for growth, develop our supporting services and focus on delivery in all that we do.

What experience do I have in creating such a pathway and ensuring that we deliver? For the past 6 years I have been leading a health care applications laboratory for the largest chemical company in the UK, a company called Croda, with their HQ in Yorkshire; you probably haven’t heard of them by name, but you will have heard all of their customers in the personal care and health care world and you will almost certainly have used some of their materials in your day-to-day lives without knowing it. If you have had a COVID-19 vaccine, then you will have had some of their very pure excipients used in the delivery system for those active pharmaceutical ingredients in the vaccines. Prior to working with Croda, I have previously worked with The Institute when I was the Managing Director of Schuco, a London based company who were supplying medical devices to IOCP members and supporting training events and the annual conference. During my time at Schuco, I grew the business year-on-year by working closely with customers to understand the market and their needs and delivered against those needs. I also have a background of working with Boots the Chemists, where I was leading teams developing and testing products and managing regulatory compliance and the groups technical policy. I also worked with regulators and the government to shape the law and regulations for the safety of cosmetic products within the UK.

I look forward to 2022 where we will be providing the infrastructure for engagement and growth from HQ and the delivery will only be successful with a network or tutors, trainers, mentors and auditors. To that end, I am putting out my first call for volunteers so that we can have the whole UK geography covered with eager, helpful members who are interested in getting involved in developing others to be the best that they can be! If you want to get on board at this exciting time for the IoCP, drop me a line telling me what area you would be interested in supporting and what geographical area you would be able to cover.

I aim to be meeting lots of our members through the year to get a better understanding of how you feel that The Institute can be shaped to deliver the things that you need from a great membership organisation. One place that you will be able to meet me personally will be at our AGM, so get the date in your diary if you are able to get to the NEC in May.

Until then, please feel free to reach out to me at Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2022.”

In line with our commitment to current and future education development we have recruited a highly skilled full-time education officer to the team at Head Office. I am therefore delighted to introduce Samantha (Sam) Connolly who joined the team in April.


As you know, as an organisation we have a long history of supporting professional education at all practice levels in podiatry, chiropody and foot health that dates back to our founding years in the 1930’s. Our Licentiate and Diploma courses in Chiropody were highly regarded in the days before the statutory regulation of Chiropody and Podiatry, whilst in more recent years we have provided various types of postgraduate training that has proved enormously popular in subjects as diverse as steroid therapy, advanced regional anaesthesia, platelet-rich plasma, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin in the feet and associated structures.


Currently, the Institute is one of the board members of the Foot Health Consortium that has been set up by NHS Health Education England to take forward the concept of a structured learning framework in Foot Health that will help to address both the subject of the training standard of the (currently) unregulated FHP workforce, as well as the shortage of student recruitment into University podiatry courses by looking to establish a nationally agreed education framework for the FHP workforce. Such an education and recognised qualification framework is hoped to establish opportunities for level 3, 4 and 5  FHP’s being recognised as able to provide support in the NHS workforce, as well as being an entry ‘staircase’ into University education for those who wish to ultimately complete degree training to gain HCPC registration as a Podiatrist.


There are exciting times ahead in our profession, and I know that you will join me in welcoming Sam and supporting her efforts as she takes us forward into that future!


Martin Harvey, Chair.


Samantha Connelly – introduction:

I am a qualified tutor in Further Education and has worked within FE for 13 years both as a tutor and a personal tutor.  I also have a BSc (hons) degree in Business and Management along with a Foundation degree in Business Information Systems. I have been in Education and Training for the last 21 years and I cannot think of a better profession than to help and support others to achieve their ambitions. I understand the barriers to learning and also how to motivate learners. I am highly skilled in meeting targets and deadlines and in mentoring and supporting learners. I am committed to Education and Learning and Development and have always looked to further my own knowledge as I believe we can always learn.  I have always strived to ensure that every learner maximises their true potential and achieves their goal.

I have coordinated two projects that promoted apprenticeships across Lancashire and built up a network and both apprentices and employers in order to support the project and reach out to all organisations and Schools across Lancashire. Recently I was Learning and Development Coordinator for a port.  I developed all of the tracking and monitoring systems and worked with the tutors in the creation of training manuals and all training documentation in line with Health and safety and quality standards. I enjoy developing systems and I am highly skilled at ensuring quality processes are in place to ensure quality of provision.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my career with the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and in supporting and assisting all of our learners and members in their further development.

We are delighted to have welcomed so many new members in 2021. We are run by podiatrists for podiatrists, and with your continued support and invaluable feedback we continue to grow, expanding our connections and networks to bring you the best support, advice, collaborations and of course our unrivalled insurance packages!

We are also delighted to announce that for another year, there will be no increase in our membership, plus if you renew before 31st December you are entitled to further discounts.

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Health Education England, along with the Foot Health Consortium are launching a consultation to seek the views of stakeholders on a draft set of standards for the foot health practitioner and podiatry support workforce.

The consultation will be open from Monday 23 November 2020 – midday Friday 15 February 2021.

The Standards have been developed to support the NHS to effectively use the full skills mix of the foot health workforce to meet demand by providing a clear understanding of the footcare treatments that foot health practitioners and the podiatry support workforce can safely perform. The needs and safety of patients is central in this work.

We would therefore value your feedback about the standards via the consultation and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as we take this vital and important next step.

Please visit the HEE consultation webpage for the consultation survey link and two important documents that will help you respond to the consultation.

The Consultation on standards for the non–regulated foot health workforce sets out the background to the work to develop the Standards. It then explains more about how the Standards have been developed and how it is proposed they will be used. The draft Standards on which we are seeking your feedback have been published alongside this consultation document.

Visit the HEE website for the Standards and Consultation document that will accompany the consultation

In 2019, we gathered as a Consortium of Foot Health Leaders to address the problem of the falling recruitment numbers on traditional routes into podiatry. The priority of the Consortium is to develop a foot health career ladder and educational resources that will support and increase the number of podiatrists and podiatry support workers working in the NHS.

The work of the Consortium has enabled a better understanding of the workforce that provides foot care, with the aim of optimising this workforce for the benefit of those who use the services of any practitioner, in England, who work in this arena.

These Foot Health Education and Training Standards are the result of a year’s work to increase the supply of podiatrists in the NHS workforce. We also want to ensure that the NHS recognises the knowledge and skills of the wider foot care support workforce.

The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Position Statement


 Since the lockdown began, Chiropody and Podiatry services have been exempt from premises closure and it may be reasonable to assume that exemption holds for domiciliary treatments as well. We have attempted to help members with our suggested ‘traffic light’ system of stop, proceed with caution and go, whilst advising that all specific laws concerning COVID-19 should be rigidly adhered to. We have also advised members of the College of Foot Health to adhere to these standards as well. The Prime Minister’s announcement, asking people where possible to return to work, does not appear to materially change the caution that we advise members to exercise, as they will naturally be treating patients within a closer proximity than social distancing stipulates. We still regard it as essential that you have the PPE documented by regarding: ‘COVID-19: how to work safely in domiciliary care in England‘ and also ‘Guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for non-aerosol generating procedures (APGs)‘ as well as ‘COVID-19: personal protective equipment use for aerosol generating procedures‘  Please note that we are unable to confirm that any form of drilling, be that unfiltered, vacuum or spray is NOT an ‘aerosol generating procedure’ due to variations in drills, their technology and patients personal hygiene and other  situation-specific variable factors. Note the dictionary definition: “An aerosol (abbreviation of “aero-solution”) is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or another gas. Aerosols can be natural or anthropogenic. Examples of natural aerosols are fog, mist, dust, forest exudates and geyser steam”

In short, please follow the newly revised official dictum of “Stay Alert. Control The Virus. Save Lives”


We were delighted to hold our first skin surgery and soft tissue surgery training over the weekend.

Covering a range of topics from the legal and ethical basis of surgery, through patient assessment and pre-operative evaluation to tissue handling, dissection and haemostasis.

Thank you to our wonderful lecturers and students!

Further dates for training will be released shortly. To register your interest please contact

 11 – 12 May 2018

Southport Theatre & Convention Centre

The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (IOCP) returns to its hometown of Southport for the 63rd Annual Conference.


Boasting key speakers from the healthcare industry, this year’s event is set to be our best yet!

Featuring a LIVE courtroom experience, hands-on workshops, a trade exhibition with exclusive offers, there really is no better opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on the latest treatments, developments and products for use in your practice to the benefit of your patients. 


Not forgetting our Annual Dinner & Awards – The President’s reception followed by the awards ceremony, dinner and entertainment – not to be missed!

“Listen very carefully I shall say this only once! There are less than 2 weeks to go until our annual conference and this years’ president’s dinner is UNMISSABLE! Who make’s it to dessert? Can you really trust the person next to you? Who will never see another “Good Moaning”?! Book your ticket at “Cafe Rene” for an evening of fun, laughter and merry-mingling after!” Tickets are £34 each book your place here

Join us in shaping the future of Podiatry together

Are you worrying about the upcoming HCPC Audit?

Join Barbara Heaton at 2pm on Friday, 11th May in syndicate room 3 for her presentation ‘De-stressing the HCPC audit – Some help from experience’
Barbara has been audited three times….No need to book just turn up at 2pm.

Exclusive to our 2018 event, LIVE Interactive Forensic Podiatry workshop by


Presented by Catherine Brown, Barrister and expert trainer with Bond Solon. This highly intensive and practical workshop provides a unique insight in to the world of forensic podiatry. Join our courtroom to see how Podiatrists can effectively present evidence as a witness in court and some of the techniques they may experience when being cross-examined.

Key learning objectives:

Role of the Podiatrist as an expert or witness in fact
How the adversarial system works
Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to handle them
How to give clear, honest and objective evidence

Bond Solon is the largest provider of Expert Witness and Witness of Fact Training in the UK and have been involved in preparing witnesses in some of the UK and world’s highest-profile cases. Since 1992, over 250,000 witnesses have attended their programmes.


Reserve seat button


Keynote speakers

Michael Ratcliffe FFPM RCPS (Glasg), M.Ch.S., Pod.M., B.Sc., M.Sc., Cert. Ed
“Anatomy & examination of the spring ligaments/tendon of muscle tibialis posterior”

In the presentation we will; Examine the anatomy of the Spring Ligament and explore its functional and structural relationship with the tendon of muscle Tibialis Posterior. Use a novel examination to determine if it is the Spring Ligament only that is damaged in rarer cases of acute flatfoot. Apply a combination of elastic tapes to support and partly restore function to the acute flatfoot where the Spring Ligament is damaged




Linda Lawson
“Dementia – Myths and misunderstandings”

An Information Worker for Alzheimer’s Society Sefton. Linda is responsible for raising awareness of dementia in the area by giving talks, staffing information stands, publicising events and running an email news service. In addition Linda provides valuable local information resources to help people with dementia, their families and professionals understand the condition and know where to turn for support.



Daniel Lawrence
“Achilles Tendinopathy –  7 things to do and 7 things not to do”

UK Chartered Physiotherapist, published author and international lecturer Daniel Lawrence shares some useful clinical tips against the backdrop of the latest research for Achilles Tendinopathy.

With separate post-graduate qualifications in Muscluloskeletal Medicine and Education. Daniel now combines teaching and writing with running an NHS funded clinic in his local area as well as being on the board of Directors for RockTape UK, PhysioBooks & StickMobility UK.


Martin Harvey
“An Introduction to PRP”

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an innovative drug-free treatment for connective tissue injuries. It is prepared at point-of-use by the practitioner from a simple sample of the patients’ blood and administered by injection.  It is an elegant follow-on to the NICE recognised (IPG438) use of autologous blood for tendinopathies. Podiatrists with LA certificates are able to use this after appropriate training.

This session is a good introduction to this fascinating modality and will be useful for both general interest as well as for those planning to attend the Institutes training day on the subject. Consultant podiatrist independent prescriber Martin Harvey was first involved in UK based research into its use more than a decade ago and has subsequently championed its use as a safe and effective therapy.


Somuz Miah
“Safeguarding children and adults”

This lecture promotes awareness and sensitivity to safeguarding enabling healthcare professionals to be able to identify issues and concern. Healthcare professionals are legally obliged to report any sign of neglect or abuse. Understand how to safeguard and protect children, young people or vulnerable adults in the workplace. Know how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child, young person or vulnerable adult has been abused.Where to report and why it’s your duty to inform.



Abid Ali
“Medical cuppings of the lower limb”

An ancient medical treatment with origins approximately 5000 years old.  The procedure creates a localised suction to help promote blood flow to help stimulate healing.
As a member of the British Cupping Society, Mr Ali advises internationals on cupping therapy for the lower limb in musculoskeletal medicine. Cupping can be administered wet or dry. With it without puncturing of the skin to release blood. International research and emerging evidence have helped bring this treatment up to date and fit for any modern-day therapists and medics.


Dr Richard Oliver
“Management of Plantar Hyperhidrosis”

An informative lecture detailing the aetiology and epidemiology of hyperhidrosis, strategies for managing plantar hyperhidrosis and ensuring successful iontophoresis for plantar hyperhidrosis





Full lecture and workshop timetable


11th May 2018 
"Growing your business through effective messages" Tony Gavin, OSGO
"Dementia - Myths and misunderstandings"Linda Lawson, Alzheimer's Society
"Red flags of the foot and lower extremity" David Lintonbon, DO, PGCert(ClinEd)
"Setting a price in private practice" Jonathan Small
"Achilles Tendinopathy" Daniel Lawrence, Rocktape
"Lacuna Method for fungal nails" Nicola O'Brian, Love your feet CPD courses
"Anatomy & examination of the spring ligament/tendon of muscle tibialis posterior" Michael Ratcliffe, Cuxson Gerrard
"Management of Plantar Hyperhidrosis" Dr Richard Oliver, STD Pharmaceuticals
12th May 2018 
"Verruca? Verrucae? Verrucee?.... Plantar warts" Belinda Longhurst
"Flexitol - a range to add value and profit!"Caroline McGowan, Flexitol
"Introduction to platelet rich plasma" Martin Harvey
"Our role in fall prevention" Olga Frankowski, Medifoot CPD School
"Emtrix - update on research including Nail Psoriasis" Steve McGowan, Moberg Pharma
"The pelvic equilibrium theory - a new paradigm" Clifton Bradeley, Sub-4 MD
"Cosmetic podiatry - a beautiful way to diversify your practice" Nicola O'Brian, Love your feet CPD courses
"Clinical management and self management of Raynaud's / Scleroderma in the foot" Tracey Spray, SRUK
"Podiatrist in the Box!"Catherine Brown, Bond Solon Training
"First Aid" FULLY BOOKEDMartin Harvey
"Safeguarding children and adults"Somuz Miah
"Medical cuppings for the lower limb"Abid Ali
"First principle & innovative business thinking to develop a mega practice"Clifton Bradeley, Sub-4 MD
"Naloxone saves lives" including an open Q&A on substance/alcohol/POM misuseCarola Sander-Hess



Trade Exhibitors

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 19.00 to midnight
President’s reception followed by the awards ceremony, dinner and entertainment.



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