Safer Sports Shoes for Mature Women

Researchers at the University of Exeter have worked alongside British shoemaker, Cosyfeet, to develop a unique range of sports shoes that meet the needs of the over 55s feet and body. Created for mature women with swollen feet who aim to adopt or extend an active lifestyle, the groundbreaking Sport Active™ range has innovative design features to maximise support and minimise the risk of injury. The entire range comes in a 6E width fitting as standard.

Exeter’s unique laboratory facility enabled researchers to examine how older people move their feet and lower bodies during exercise as compared with younger individuals. Data collected has resulted in a new wide-fit sports performance trainer made specifically for the physical requirements of the over 55s.

Made with a double density sole, the trainers have generous underfoot cushioning and are engineered for enhanced grip and durability. Heels, soles and uppers are designed to provide excellent support and foot stability, using materials that offer both strength and flexibility. Ideal for vulnerable feet, these fully breathable sports shoes have a seam-free lining to prevent rubbing and a moisture-wicking footbed to keep feet fresh and dry.

The Sport Active™ range consists of both lace-up and touch-fastening styles to cater for differing needs and levels of ability among patients. The Viva shoe has a lace fastening that delivers an unparalleled fit for individual foot shape. The Vamos shoe has an easy-to-use, adjustable touch-fastening strap that does not require a high degree of manual dexterity. Extension straps are also available for the Vamos shoe to accommodate more extensive swelling.

Both the Viva and Vamos styles are diabetic-friendly and can be purchased free of VAT by patients who qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic medical condition.

“It’s been a privilege to work with the team at the University of Exeter on the creation of this totally new sports shoe range,” says Cosyfeet Shoe Designer, Nick Brown. “There’s a real need for trainer-type shoes like this for an increasing number of mature women with swelling who want to keep active and look after their health.”

For more information on the Sport Active™ Viva and Vamos styles visit or call 01458 447275.

There’s Wide Fitting and then there’s Cosyfeet

Specially designed to fit and flatter extra wide and swollen feet, Cosyfeet footwear is wider, deeper and roomier than the wide fitting footwear you’ll find on the high street.

We are a small, caring company with 39 years’ experience of fitting swollen feet and legs. Our diabetic-friendly footwear has been reviewed for suitability by the Royal College of Podiatry, and UK healthcare professionals recommend Cosyfeet footwear to their patients nationwide.

Cosyfeet is a member of the Healthy Footwear Guide and offers a No Quibble Money Back Guarantee and free UK returns, so that customers can order with confidence.