MSK Podiatrist required in Maidenhead

We are looking for a podiatrist (MSK) to join our multi-disciplined team of practitioners in
Maidenhead. The successful applicant will be working together with our chiropractors, physios,
osteopaths and other practitioners to help our awesome patients achieve their health goals and
maintain them.

Podiatry for us is the missing piece of the puzzle. For the last few years we’ve referred many
patients to a local podiatrist we trust but as they’re retiring now, we believe an on-site podiatrist
would hugely benefit the clinic, the practitioner and ultimately the patients.

Our ideal candidate will be:
▪ A great communicator who’s able to build rapport with the patients and our team. The ability to
discuss cross-referrals with the practitioners involved is key.

▪ A practitioner who takes a complete body approach – viewing the foot and ankle as a part of a
kinematic, functional chain that’s impacted by things above as well as below.

▪ An educator who provides tools for patients to continue their health journey inside and away
from the clinic.

▪ A diverse specialist who uses a mixture of techniques to achieve the best results for the

▪ Willing to see a wide range of people including children and elderly.

About Active Health Clinics
We’ve been running a successful clinic established in the heart of the Maidenhead community
for over 11 years. Our comprehensive team of practitioners allow our patients to live their life to
the fullest by providing tailored treatment to their needs and equipping them with the tools that
allow them to stay active.

Offering a clean and professional yet personable clinic our patients become part of a community
that genuinely cares for their wellbeing. We’re trusted, relied on and keep no secrets when it
comes to educating them about maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Why join our team
▪ We welcome new thinking and new approaches from our team, which allows you to use
accompanying trained methods.

▪ You’ll have the full support from our multi-disciplined team to get the most effective results for
your patients.

▪ Our experienced reception team works as an extension of your service, maintaining a
professional and personable approach.

▪ Be part of clinic events which have created our thriving team culture.

▪ Our clinic offers a dedicated marketing department which is constantly developing.

▪ We’re strategically positioned in a growing town.

▪ You’ll have the opportunity to expand and develop your career as a podiatrist in a sustainable

▪ You’ll enjoy working in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

The successful applicant for the role will be looking to establish a long term relationship with our
team, hitting the ground running. There’ll also be business opportunities available with
continued service.

Are you ready to make a genuine impact on the community’s health?

Contact to apply for the role or call us on 01628 626 565