HCPC Policy and Communications

Dear colleague,


As you may be aware the Department of Health and Social Care has launched a consultation concerning proposed amendments to the Human Medicine Regulations. The purpose of these amendments is to support the deployment of a COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, once available, as well as support the expansion of the seasonal influenza vaccination programme. The consultation is currently available on the Government website via the link below.

Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu

These proposals, particularly section three, could impact on the medical entitlements of some of our professions and therefore we would encourage you to respond where possible to represent your profession’s views.


The deadlines is 18th September, however given that the consultation will be short Government will remain open to the possibility of making further changes even after the consultation is finalised and amendments have been made. If you have any questions, you can contact COVID19VaccineTeam@dhsc.gov.uk.


The HCPC are currently preparing a response and plan to submit this by the deadline. In the meantime, we are interested to hear from you if your organisation plans to respond to the consultation. We would like to ensure our response aligns and reflects the views of our professions and so would invite you to share your views and key points with us. Please get in touch via email at olivia.bird@hcpc-uk.org.

Kind regards,

Olivia Bird

Policy Manager