HCPC New principles for those who prescribe remotely

HCPC New principles for those who prescribe remotely

The ability to speak with healthcare professionals via phone, video-conference and email significantly increases accessibility for service-users, but it is imperative these services do not impact on their safety.

The ten principles, underpinned by existing standards and guidance, include the need to:

–          Understand how to identify vulnerable patients and take appropriate steps to protect them;

–          Carry out clinical assessments and medical record checks to ensure medication is safe and appropriate; and

–          Raise concerns when adequate patient safeguards aren’t in place.

These principles apply to all healthcare professionals involved in providing consultations and medication to patients remotely. For HCPC this includes our chiropodists/podiatrists, dietitians, paramedics, physiotherapists, and diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers.

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