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1st April 2020

Martin Harvey, “Medicines & the Podiatrist”


8th April 2020

Martin Harvey, Local Anesthesia Revision

22nd April 2020

Martin Harvey, Skin Cancers Revision


Friday 24th April

First Aid Revision – VIDEO COMING SOON

Useful link Resuscitation Council (UK)


Wednesday, 29th April and 7th May




Note from Caroline

Spirularin VS cream – Contains the microalgae extract Spirulina which is a safe and effective way to treat verrucas. It works by promoting the bodies own immune system plus creating a barrier – containing the verruca to stop the spread.

Applied topically it’s a gentle treatment which is non-messy and easy for the patient to use at home, and doesn’t destroy healthy skin tissue.

Over the last few years I have recommended this to my patients of all ages we have had a good success rate. With no known side effects it can be used on diabetics, children under 3 and the elderly (always follow the instructions) the cream itself is a painless to apply…. which is great for children or nervous clients!

I recommend to my clients to use ideally twice daily… patient compliance is a must! I don’t advice any filing of the verruca just to put the cream on a disposable cotton bud and apply rubbing the cream into the effected area thoroughly. There is no need to cover.

I like to see my patients around 2/3 weeks while they are treating the verruca and I can then debride any excess callous that has reformed over the verruca.

Treatment can vary in time and results as with all methods depending on age, size of the verruca and the bodies own natural response…. there are no guarantees! Nature of the verruca wart can mean even with a good immune system and medical intervention they can still be persistent!!

I personally find this treatment a great alternative but in some cases other methods would be more beneficial. Patients can purchase this product either by yourself as a practitioner or through companies like amazon.




6th May 2020

PRP vs Prolotherapy

15th May 2020

Padding and Putty