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RADIAL STARTER: Shockwave Therapy for MSK conditions

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    May, June, July, August
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    9:15am – 4:30pm
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    LONDON - 22nd May 2021 with James Woledge FULL

    BIRMINGHAM - 19th June 2021 with Ove Indergaard

    LONDON - 10th July 2021 with Yves De Vos

    BIRMINGHAM - 14th August 2021 with Ove Indergaard
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RADIAL STARTER: Shockwave Therapy for MSK conditions
Venn Healthcare offers an Educational program of CPD courses in Shockwave Therapy. 
The Full day CPD Course provides 6 CPD points by FSEM

This one day workshop will explore the evidence-based application of RADIAL shockwave therapy in the current management of chronic tendinopathy and plantar heel pain. Clinical application in common pathologies (Achilles, Patellar, Gluteal, Proximal Hamstrings, Tennis Elbow) and plantar heel pain will be discussed, along with the latest evidence on shockwave mechanisms and effectiveness.


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LONDON – 22nd May 2021 with James Woledge : – FULL

BIRMINGHAM – 19th June 2021 with Ove Indergaard :

LONDON – 10th July 2021 with Yves De Vos :

BIRMINGHAM – 14th August 2021 with Ove Indergaard :

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