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RockTape Lower Limb Taping Course

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  • Date:
    9th December 2017
  • Time:
    9.00am - 4.30pm
  • Location:
    The British School of Osteopathy, London
  • Tutor:
    Daniel Lawrence

    Rocktape UK Education Director

  • Cost:

RockTape  been running their industry leading Kinesiology taping courses for a number of years and have excellent feedback from practitioners who attend.

Their Lower Limb taping course is a one day seminar which aims to teach participants the theory and concepts behind using RockTape. We teach lots of taping techniques and the concepts on which they’re based equipping participants with the skills to address almost any lower limb musculo-skeletal problem.


This 1 day workshop is a Lower limb specific version of our much acclaimed FMT1 course and offers the perfect introduction to our taping theory and concepts. FMT:LL aims to teach you lots of taping techniques and the concepts on which they are based. This will equip you with the skills and understanding to effectively apply ROCKTAPE to virtually any lower limb musculo-skeletal problem. FMT:LL is designed to suit the clinical needs of Podiatrists, Lower Limb Physios and Therapists.

FMT:LL Course outline:

  • Theory and Concepts of Kinesiology taping
  • Practical Introduction
  • Symptom Reduction Taping (SRT)
  • Research Review
  • Oedema Control Taping (OCT)
  • Dynamic Postural Taping (DPT)
  • Power Taping Method (PTM)
  • Summary 

FMT:LL Learning Objectives:

  • To understand to proposed mechanisms behind the effects of Kinesiology Tape
  • To gain a basic knowledge of the Research in Kinesiology taping
  • To learn and practise correct tape cutting and handling skills
  • To learn the concepts behind 4 main types of tape application
  • To practise application of the 4 main types of tape application


Daniel Lawrence

Rocktape UK Education Director

Daniel gained his BSc in Physiotherapy from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006 and subsequently went on to gain a post graduate diploma in orthopedic medicine from Middlesex University and a PGCE from the University of Plymouth. He has lectured at Truro College since 2006 and joined Rocktape as their Education Director in 2012 where he has organised over 100 taping seminars and developed their education programme.


See here for a short video from previous course attendees


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