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Rheumatology meeting

  • Date:
    Wednesday, 26th June 2019
  • Time:
    8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Location:
    Royal Society of Medicine
  • Tutor:

  • Cost:
    Early bird discounted rates starting from just £33!


This meeting will cover medical causes of Raynaud’s and digital ischaemic lesions, offering delegates a practical approach to the assessment and management of such patients.

The meeting will bring together internationally renowned experts with an interest in Raynaud’s, and cover all aspects of the disease from pathogenesis to epidemiology, investigating approaches and management.

Topics include:

  • The pathogenesis, epidemiology and classification of primary and secondary forms of Raynaud’s phenomenon (and the occurrence of digital ischaemic lesions)
  • Practical approaches to the assessment and management of Raynaud’s phenomenon and digital microvascular ischaemic lesions