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Fungal Nails

  • Date:
    27th March
  • Time:
    10am - 4pm
  • Location:
    Leaf Hospital
    St. Annes Road
    BN21 2HW
  • Tutor:
    Gaynor Wooldridge

  • Cost:
    £199 member
    £249 non-member

Working within the foot health profession, we all have many patients presenting with a variety of nail conditions. This course will review the basics of skin and nail anatomy, and guide you through the process of recognising a variety of nail pathologies, and also understanding the epidemiology of ‘fungal nails’ and other causes of nail abnormalities.

This course will carefully discuss the variety of topical nail applications currently available, and teach you to confidently debride aggressively in order to achieve the best possible results for your patients. Methods of transungual delivery of antifungal agents are both safe and effective, and learning  appropriate patient selection is paramount.

Course Schedule

10am: Welcome and introduction to the day

10.05am: Student introductions

10.30am: PowerPoint – the Fungal Nail

11am: Coffee break

11.15am: PowerPoint: Recap the Skin

11.45am: PowerPoint: aggressive debridement, chemical ablation, Diafractory fungal test, Bifonazole, Nail surgery, Spirularin NS

12.15pm: Lunch Break

1pm: Tutor demonstration

Aggressive debridement, skin occlusion and the application of 40% urea and Bifonazole. choice of burrs, selection of topical antifungal agents.

1.15pm: students to assess each others feet. Check for skin and nail dermatophyte infection

1.30pm: silicone feet debriding and skin occlusion, plus application of 40% urea and Bifonazole (substitutes) to learn techniques. Discussion on the use of orange sticks to remove infected material following chemical ablation.

2.15pm: Discussion of product selection for continuing patient treatment. Including :

Emtrex, Lamisil spray, Spirularin NS.

3pm: The Diafractory fungal nail test and when to refer.

3.30pm: Q and As and certificate presentation

4pm Close


Gaynor Wooldridge, is a consultant podiatrist working within a multidisciplinary clinic in Kent. She has a passion and commitment to the field of foot health, with special interests in research, injection therapies, wound care and diabetes. She is a great believer that continuing professional development is central to the ‘lifelong learning’ approach so vital within healthcare.

This course is open and suitable for podiatrists and foot health practitioners.