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Managing & maximising your business

  • Date:
    2nd December
  • Time:
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  • Tutor:
    Martin Harvey & Barry Ravidan

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Join us this week with expert Barry Ravidan to discuss how to maximise your business potential in a very competitive market and during a global pandemic!

An experienced Podiatrist himself, Barry has implemented his ethical sales and communication technique to successful grow his own Podiatry practice. So if you have a question for Barry about getting ahead, coping during the pandemic or are generally interested in expanding your business knowledge, simply register and join

Delivered via Zoom. Attendance = 5 CPD points

Please ensure you read the below terms and conditions. Please note by reserving a place on the webinar you are accepting the terms and conditions.

Please ensure you download the ZOOM app and join the webinar waiting room 10 minutes prior to the event. Only attendees registered will be permitted in. No attendance after 19.35 hrs

1. Sharing of the Zoom link / details is strictly not permitted.
2. Attendees must attend at least 95% of the webinar to claim CPD.
3. CPD certificates relating to certain topics are only available to people who are appropriately registered for medicines.
4. CPD certificates will be sent via email only. Please also note, your CPD certification will be sent in due course. If you still haven’t received this 14 days from the event please email
5. When requested attendees must provide an email for the purpose of CPD certification. Emails will not be used by the IOCP / COFH for any marketing purposes and solely for CPD certification relating to the event.
6. Attendees must ensure their name is displayed during the meeting. In the case where a zoom name is set to any other name, i.e. IPad, attendees must identify themselves to the host via private message or via email to after the event
Certification will only be sent to people who have identified themselves clearly on Zoom registration
7. A link to the event, including meeting code and password will be sent via Facebook the day before the event or via email if requested.
8. All questions, comments to
9. A video link of the session will be provided via our website or via email at the discretion of the presenter. Copy slides are not available.
10. ENJOY!

How to Book

e-tickets will be available from 5.30pm on Wednesday 25th November