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Chairside Clinical Padding and Retentive Strapping Course

  • Date:
    Saturday, 15th June 2019
  • Time:
    09.00am - 5.00pm
  • Location:
    The Wiggin Training Centre at Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Mile Oak, Tamworth B78 3NG
  • Tutor:
    Michael Ratcliffe, FFPM RCPS(Glasg), FCPM, B.Sc., M.Sc., Cert.Ed.

    Martin Harvey, PGCert, BSc, MInstChP, CFPodM MCPodS

  • Cost:
    Members £130
    Non-members £150

 This course is suitable for Podiatrists, Foot Health Practitioners, and all health care professionals involved in the care of lower limbs and feet

About the course

Clinical padding has 4 main therapeutic functions, all of which will be explored theoretically and practically during the course

1. Deflection/offloading of pressure from an area
2. Correction of function through re-alignment
3. Cushioning/substitute for lost/atrophied tissue
4. Removal of tensile or shearing stresses from epidermis/ subcutaneous tissues

Tutor led instructive demonstration of the practical skills required for the construction of different clinical pads to achieve prescribed therapeutic outcomes accompanied by clinical explanation of the purpose of the pad/strapping, followed by supervised guidance provided to the delegate while they construct the pad and apply the retentive strapping.

Delegates will be enabled to demonstrate and evaluate the appropriate application of selected Hapla paddings and retentive strapping as part of a combined therapeutic approach to lower limb pathologies, using information and practical skills provided on the training session, for immediate use in their clinical environment.

Conditions the Course can treat

1. Plantar, medial and lateral lesions on the foot caused by mechanical overload e.g. Callous, blisters, heloma durum

2. Dorsal, interdigital and apical lesions on digits resulting from mechanical overload, biomechanical dysfunction and pathology e.g. retracted digits and shearing lesions arising from footwear

3. Symptoms arising from fat pad atrophy e.g. pain

4. Symptoms arising from soft tissue injury e.g. muscle tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction


Michael Ratcliffe, FFPM RCPS(Glasg), FCPM, B.Sc., M.Sc., Cert.Ed.


Michael qualified as a podiatrist from the University of Brighton in 1989.

Throughout Michael’s clinical career of delivering podiatric care in the National Health Service, from Boots the Chemist Ltd, working for an orthoses manufacturer, as a Lecturer in Podiatry/Head of School at the Birmingham School of Podiatry, as Sales Training Manager for Cuxson Gerrard & Co. Ltd and as a private practitioner.

He has consistently used clinical padding as part of his therapeutic offer to his patients.

Michael was awarded the Matthew Boulton College, Birmingham Beacon Award for Curricular Innovation in 2006 and the IOCP Basham Literary Prize in 2018

Martin Harvey, PGCert, BSc, CFPodM MInstChP, MCPodS

Martin received his degree in Podiatric Medicine from Sunderland University and went on to qualify in supplementary prescribing and then later independent prescribing at Birmingham City University and then skin surgery at the University of Hertfordshire. He has a general podiatry practice in Tamworth Staffordshire and has Consultant privileges at The Priory Hospital and the Edgbaston Hospitals in Birmingham. Martin was initially one of the first qualified supplementary prescribers in podiatry who then served on the Department of Health independent prescribing project taskforce to deliver independent prescriber training for podiatrists. He has served as an external assessor for Birmingham City University and is also a technical expert / external assessor for the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products regulation agency.  His motto, be that in prescribing medicines, performing surgery or any other kind of treatment is “simple is best” and he applies that to the use of padding and strapping which is one of the most under-used yet often amazingly effective therapies that a healthcare professional can utilise. He is a qualified  trainer / assessor in first aid with a postgraduate certificate in education.

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This course is held at The Wiggin training centre at Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Mile Oak, Tamworth B78 3NG.

photo courtesy of Martin Harvey

There is on-site parking available (car park charges apply) and the Hospital is very conveniently located some 3 minutes journey from Junction 10 of the M42 motorway via the A5 bypass, making it an easily accessible location from the M6, M5, A5 as well as Tamworth mainline railway station and Birmingham international airport.

Packed lunches can be pre-arranged at extra charge onsite (vegetarian options if required).

The procedure is covered by the Institutes band 1 and 2 insurance for appropriately trained members.

This course is approved and certified by The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

How to Book

Email or telephone 01704 546141 for all enquiries