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Flash – campaigning for life-changing technology Thanks to all your hard work and amazing support, we’re delighted to announce that from November 2017, Flash Glucose Monitoring will now be made available on the NHS. This isRead more

Diabetes Awareness Necklaces

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation offer FREE diabetes awareness necklaces and medical check-up cards to anyone requesting them. At DRWF we encourage anyone with diabetes, especially those prone to experiencing hypoglycaemia, to wear or carry this type ofRead more

NICE addendum on Type 2 diabetes: prevention in people at high risk (standing committee update of PH38)

This final addendum has now been published on the NICE website, this guideline covers how to identify adults at high risk of type 2 diabetes. It aims to remind practitioners that age is no barrier to being atRead more

The food you love, but healthier

The food you love, but healthier Monday 22 May 2017 A major new campaign is being launched by Diabetes UK this week (Monday 22 May) which aims to get people thinking healthily and creatively inRead more

Diabetes care: Do you know your foot health risk?

Diabetes care in Suffolk:  Do you know your foot health risk? Healthwatch Suffolk is putting feet in focus with the launch of its latest research report. It has worked closely with a leading clinician toRead more