Martin Harvey
Chair Executive Committee

As the one truly democratic voice of UK podiatry, the IOCP with its clear and inclusive vision is now more important than ever as podiatry continues to develop in complexity, as well as face challenges from other healthcare professions as boundaries seem to ‘blur’ between podiatry, nursing and physiotherapy for example. My task in leading the board is to support and collate the activities of the multiple talented individuals who now comprise our board who collectively drive the IOCP vision forward. I also represent and promote the IOCP to other statutory and healthcare organisations and take day to day timely decisions on matters affecting the running of the IOCP by the authority devolved to me by the board. As both a podiatrist independent prescriber with a community practice and also a consultant podiatrist at two major hospitals in the midlands, I am fortunate to have a 360° familiarity with all sectors of our profession. That familiarity allows me to effectively promote my own personal vision that we must celebrate and support diversity, excellence and inclusion within chiropody, podiatry and foot health at all levels of practice. As the motto of our cherished organisation, which dates from 1938 says; Concordia Victrix - Success Together.
Linda Pearson
President and Regional Director: Wales

In 1997 I successfully completed my training with Scholl and the Institute of Chiropodists. In addition, in 2010 I gained my BSc in Podiatric Medicine and more recently became a Fellow to the Institute.

Throughout I have been a private practitioner, initially domiciliary and for the past ten plus years I have been running a busy full-time practice in Prestatyn.

At Western branch I have held various roles including Secretary and Chair.

I am a National Officer for the IOCP, having spent five years on the Standing Orders Committee. Then in 2014 I was nominated as President of the IOCP, a role I currently hold. It is a great honour and privilege to serve the Institute and its members.
Abid Ali
Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

I specialise in diagnoses and treatment of the lower limb and foot/ankle but can also help with specific conditions affecting the upper limb and spine. My current workload in Orthopaedic triage involves working alongside Orthopaedics, sports meds, rheumatology and surgical appliances.

I am currently embarking on a number of research projects. Professionally keeping up to date with the latest technology, in the pursuit of advancing clinical and theoretical biomechanics.

I am a unique Consultant Podiatrist specialising in musculoskeletal problems that can affect the foot, ankle, knee, hip or back. I have developed as an extended scope practitioner in the NHS within specialist orthopaedic triage units in 2 hospitals for over 12 years, now specialising in diagnostic ultrasound imaging. During that time, I have extended my scope of practise beyond the traditional remit of podiatric medicine, to include invasive treatments, for the knee and back, and in diagnostic imaging. Prior to my career in Podiatry I had a background and training in sports and elderly care.

I am a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasg), Faculty of Podiatric Medicine and a Consultant fellow of the IOCP.
Andrew Williams
Chair, Board of Education

I am a Consultant in Podiatric Medicine and Musculoskeletal Scientist at The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen NHS Trust and have held this substantive appointment since 2002 within Orthopaedics and Trauma. I was previously head of Podiatry and Podiatric Surgery at the Countess of Chester Hospital & Research Fellow in Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery at Liverpool University and completed a fellowship in diabetic limb salvage at University of San Antonio, Texas in 1998.

I am currently Chair of the Board of Education Committee of the Institute of Podiatrists.

I have a particular interest in minimally invasive procedures including Percutaneous Cryo-ablation and recently lectured at The International Society of Cryosurgery Conference in Kanazawa, Japan where I am a board member.
Beverley Wright
Chair, Board of Ethics
Vice-Chair of the Board of Education

I have been in private podiatry practice since 2001, and a senior lecturer in higher education institutions (HEIs). This is alongside my official roles for the Institute of Chiropodists (IOCP), as Vice-Chair of the Board of Education; Regional Director: England South; and Essex Branch Secretary. In addition, I have been honoured with a Fellow of the IOCP (F.Inst.ChP) award.

My many interests in the podiatry field include education and research; and as a qualified senior practitioner in complementary medicine, which has led to invitations to present complementary medicine, education, health and social care, and podiatry matters.

In academia, I have achieved a BSc (Hons) and Post-Graduate degrees in Health and Social Care, and in Learning and Teaching, with an MSc and MBA.
Somuz Miah
Honorary Treasurer

I am a Consultant Podiatrist Prescriber and member of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons Glasgow. I am an OFQUAL and SQA qualified trainer in safeguarding children and adults, first aid, anaphylaxis and oxygen with more than 14 years’ experience in teaching/training with qualifications ‘Certificate Teaching Skill Evidence Based Medicine’, & ‘Level 3 Award in Education & Training Certification’ as well as IOCP’s award for ‘Outstanding Contribution towards Education (2015)’.

My areas of interest include Skin and Nail Surgery; Sports Injuries; Diabetic Foot; Podopaediatrics; Musculoskeletal and Biomechanics (knee and foot); and Injection Therapy.

As one of the West Midlands leading advanced Podiatrists, specialising in the modern treatment of all types of lower limb problems, I have represented the profession whilst being invited to talk on BBC Radio about foot related matters.

I am immensely passionate about the podiatry profession and this passion has been the driving force behind my many achievements within this field. I was one of the very few podiatrists in the UK to qualify as an Independent Prescriber within my area of practice.

I am currently Honorary Treasurer of the Institute of Chiropodists & Podiatrists.
Helen M Jephcote
Regional Director Scotland

I was a Civil Servant for 26 years with Scottish Government before deciding on a change of career and enrolled in the Scholl Chiropody Course in 1998. I completed my final examination and practical training in Worthing in 1999 and was allocated to West of Scotland Branch on completion of the course. There was also the North of Scotland branch based in Dundee and East of Scotland branch based in Edinburgh at that time but only the West of Scotland branch operates now of which I am currently Chair and Treasurer. I was elected as Regional Director in 2013 and represent Scottish Interests at Executive board meetings. I am married to Jeff, we have two children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I have a very busy domiciliary practice in Fife and I serve as an Officer in the Army Reserve.
Gaynor Wooldridge
Chair, Medicines & Procedures Panel
I am honoured to be the Chair of the Medicines and Procedures Panel. I currently work in private practice within a multidisciplinary clinic in Kent. I have a particular interest in injection therapy, specifically autologous blood, neural prolotherapy, PRP and dermal fillers. It is a very exciting time for the IOCP and podiatry, and I will work very hard to offer support and advice to members, as well as liaising with external bodies to further progress and enhance our profession. I have recently been awarded Consultant Fellow of the Institute.